Head of HR – Remote

A fantastic opportunity to join a young, dynamic and fast paced startup in the field of Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. At PeakData we partner with healthcare companies to harness the power of AI to enhance commercial and medical effectiveness and improve customer experience.  

We are looking for a highly motivated and ambitious HR Business partner who gets excited by the challenge of helping to grow our business from 50 to over 200 employees over the next three years.   

Since we are a fast-growing startup, this role will expose you to all phases of a company, from medium sized business up to the enterprise stage. By the time you join, we have 4 subsidiaries in different countries of the world, and you get to establish and push one of the most important factors of any business: Culture. As we grow, you’ll refine the organization of your HR team with 1 direct report initially, external recruiting partners, processes, and policies across the whole enterprise group. This experience will be challenging, but if you’re the right person, the perspective of being exposed to the full spectrum of challenges HR has to offer (from small to large sized company) will excite you and develop your skills like no other place. You will further develop your strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, and gain a unique insight into how artificial intelligence can make a real difference for patients to gain access to cutting edge treatments.  

Our culture puts our clients and our people first, therefore, as HR Business partner, you will be part of the senior management in the company, reporting directly to the CEO.  

Key Responsibilities 

  • Further establish and strengthen the culture around our values 
  • Continuously measure culture  
  • Liaising with senior leadership to set up employee lifecycle plans (career / salary progression, KPI measurement etc)  
  • Introduce new initiatives such as employee surveys, 360° feedback, retention measures, health management etc 
  • Implement salary benchmarking 
  • Personnel planning across the holding and its affiliates 
  • Establish HR function and team, with special attention on recruiting 

Key Requirements 

  • 5+ years of experience as an (international) HR Business partner 
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher 
  • Very strong communication skills 
  • Fully comfortable in English 
  • Advanced Level experience in using Excel and PowerPoint 
  • Hunger for growth 
  • Experience in a growth environment is a big plus 

If you’re interested, we would be more than happy to receive your full CV and a cover letter explaining why this position would be the right thing for you at the current point in your career, and why you would be the right person to drive us forward.

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