Senior NLP Engineer

About us:

PeakData is a Swiss-based AI startup on a mission to alleviate the burden of medical affairs and commercial teams as they pave the way for new therapies and treatments from KOL engagement to commercialization. Since its founding in 2017, the company has shown steady success through its product Healthscape – a
one-stop platform that consolidates public and proprietary data about KOLs and prescribers in real-time. One of our main challenges is in obtaining real-time insights from publicly available data sources such as social media, open web, research and medical publications, and many others. We are looking for an experienced NLP engineer to join our data team to help us scaling our data products and work on challenges in the field of NLP and text processing at scale.


You will:

  • Work on the designing and building of data intensive applications.
  • Work on very interesting and innovative data product which includes real-world web data at scale.
  • Work on problems related to Keywords, topics, and entities extraction
  • Work on taxonomy enrichment with methodologies such as word2vec.
  • Work on entities identification and deduplications challenges.
  • Work on industrialization of ML models in production.
  • Train classifiers to crawl the web in
    order to identify relevant content and semantics for our products
  • Develop recommendation engines.
  • Develop tools and solutions which
    will enable our stakeholders to monitor and improve data quality and product quality.
  • Support our more junior engineers, by providing them with coaching and mentoring.
  • Help to apply MLOps / DataOps best practices and generally improve our engineering excellence.


You are:

  • Have 4+ years industry experience.
  • Proficient in Python software development.
  • Proficient with different Python NLP frameworks.
  • Have experience with different NLP approaches, models, and transformers (You know when to apply each and can also explain it).
  • Have experience in topics extraction and clustering.
  • Have experience with word embeddings.
  • Know when to use TF-IDF and how it works.
  • Have experience with MLOps / DataOps and brining ML models into production.
  • Have a practical experience in building data pipelines and data services.
  • Have experience with AWS ecosystem, and especially AWS data and ML stack data (e.g. S3, Glue, Athena, Redshift, SageMaker, Lambda).
  • Pragmatic – you know when to make a cut for ongoing discussions and start working on deliverables.
  • Communicative – you make your voice heard among the team and the wider tech organization and engage with our stakeholders to enable them and listen to their needs.
  • A developer – most of your goals can be achieved by code committed to version control.
  • Not afraid to ask, and support others
    to do the same – transparency about our abilities and decisions based on different opinions keeps us motivated and does not allow us to get stuck.
  • Have an entrepreneur mindset. You are able to deal with ambiguity and help to identify new opportunities and required improvements.
  • Know how to plan and prioritize your work and tasks.
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication (English)

Bonuspoints if you are:

  • Have familiarity with infrastructure-as-a-code solutions (eg. Terraform).
  • Have familiarity with Docker, Argo and Kubernetes.
  • Have familiarity with SQL and No-SQL databases.
  • Have Previous experience working remotely.
  • Have Previous experience in pharma.


You’ll get:

  • Competitive salary.
  • Get opportunity to be exposed to the Pharma industry.
  • Be part of an industry leading Pharma startup.
  • Work on life changing product development – make a real impact.
  • Be part of a scale up and have the opportunity to shape the company future.
  • Work in a highly professional and innovative environment.
  • Work in a flexible working environment.

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