The breaking news at PeakData is that we are extremely pleased to announce the unveiling of our refreshed brand identity. This represents the culmination of a period of reflection which has provided us with an opportunity to review and re-assess our growth and transformation over the last few years. As a natural outcome of this reappraisal process, we are now happy to unveil our refreshed brand identity complete with bolder colours and new fonts, supported by a modern icon and a visual language calibrated to align perfectly with our vision and redefined brand.  


PeakData: Our journey so far and the decision to refresh our brand identity  
Since our launch in 2018, we have rapidly grown to become a proud technology company with a team of more than 70 people, currently working with two-thirds of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Among our recent achievements, this summer we have closed a Series A investment funding round led by London-based AlbionVC and backed by Octopus Ventures, also London-based, and Heal Capital from Berlin. The announcement was also covered widely in the international media over recent weeks.  
Based on a collaborative series of discussions and brainstorming sessions, we reached a broad consensus that, having clearly come a long way, we had reached the point where a natural refocus was required. The priority was to adapt and reset our brand identity, preserving the very best of our original identity while simultaneously charting how we now wished to move our brand forward. 

Rationale for our new brand identity  

Our new logo concept has been designed to symbolise a blend of two important guiding principles: First, there is a geometric sketch of a range of mountain peaks, with the inspirational Matterhorn – jewel of our Swiss Alps – depicted as the focal point, representing both the terrain of our homeland as well as signalling our determination to conquer the highest peaks. A number of dots are then superimposed on this image, and linked together via a series of dotted lines. This layer portrays our use of artificial intelligence to establish data connections, reflecting the methods we have devised for finding the most relevant and impactful healthcare professionals.  
The revamped logo is supported by a new colour palette and typeface designed to work effortlessly across digital and physical channels, giving expression to a new visual language voicing PeakData’s bold, modern outlook. These elements have been deliberately chosen to signify our core value proposition: the effective deployment of our AI platform to help pharmaceutical companies identify the most relevant and impactful healthcare professionals.

Summarising these developments, our CEO and Co-founder Patrick de Boer comments: “We have refreshed our brand identity to emphasise our strength in analysing life science data to find and reveal substantive connections among HCPs with the potential to bring our clients further market insights.” 
What’s next on our agenda? 

During our current phase of development, we are naturally working to ensure all our brand assets reflect our refreshed brand identity. We are convinced this will help us secure significantly higher brand visibility in the market. 

We are also working with our early partners from life sciences and will be bringing their success stories of leveraging our PeakData product to life in the coming weeks.