Digital Activators

A Digital Activator is a practicing HCP who has a robust and established digital presence and actively shapes clinical opinion.

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The New Marketing Omnichannel

As COVID-19 has shown, it is critical for pharmaceutical companies to find and engage digital activators, so, they can reach more healthcare professionals, earlier and quicker, and steepen the product adoption curve.

Target Digital Leaders

Like KOLs, Digital Opinion Leaders are healthcare professionals but with a committed digital following in your therapeutic area.

Locate Digital Activators

“Who digitally communicates on relevant content and shapes clinical opinion?”

Reach Tier 1 HCPs

Our rankings reveal the Digital Activators who reach the Tier 1 HCPs in your target market.


More than half of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies are working with us

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What our clients
say about us


PeakData has helped the Prostate Cancer team map new target customers as we entered the urology space and we could do this by filtering on influence, connections with known target customers, and the industry affiliations – a very worthwhile tool to save many hours of desk research!

Franchise Manager, Prostate Cancer 


The PeakData Ophthalmology Platform provides up-to-date insights as to what our customers are currently researching as well as their sphere of influence, which enables speaker selection for our national and regional events.

Senior Professional Relations Manager, Ophthalmology


As a data scientist, PeakData is a really enticing and valuable tool which can finally empower my teams to begin truly making data driven decisions, above and beyond continually falling back on their gut instincts. I have personally taken great interest in comparing our customers public activity vs. the internal profiles we had on them, which have often been very far apart… and in many cases clearly point out that we need to improve on and refine the value we are delivering to them through our content if we wish to win them over.

Data Scientist & Advanced Analytics Manager 


Great System and tool that can certainly give us the edge in understanding some of HCPs interests and drivers and what they spontaneously engage with!

Senior Key Account Manager, Neuroscience 


PeakData has been a valued addition to Oncology medical Affairs in the UK. It has enhanced our depth and breadth of relevant customers and is our go-to for valuable information on clinician’s digital activity, research interests and peer relationships, all enhancing medical planning, prioritisation and segmentation.

Lead Medical Science Liaison 


The PeakData technology uncovers HCP networks which allows us to better engage hard-to-reach HCPs. Leveraging peer-to-peer connections has led to our organisation having more successful scientific meeting programs!

Sales & KAM Director 


The HCO browser in PeakData maps HCPs to target accounts: this is a great asset ahead of account visits and territory planning meetings – something simple but powerful!

National Sales Manager, Ophthalmology