Expert Mapping & Profiling

Identifying the right therapeutic experts is critical to ensure patients benefit from innovative new medicines. Their insight, advice and guidance shapes the scientific and clinical understanding of a product’s value proposition and influences the opinions and preferences of other healthcare professionals, payors and patient advocacy groups.

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Broad coverage

By identifying individuals with expertise in specific therapeutic areas and matching, or mapping, them according to their level of influence, Medical Affairs and Commercial teams can quickly determine who to engage for highly targeted feedback. To do this, PeakData uses cutting edge big data analytics alongside AI to integrate vast sets of digital data at unparalleled scale and speed.

Leaders at Every Level

Broad coverage from global to local experts with the dynamic identification of emerging influencers and rising stars.

Mobilize and Amplify

Mobilize key influencers through digital activation. Amplify the dissemination of key medical topics and share early clinical experience.

Make Meaningful Contact

Understand your experts latest thinking and know which topics will impact your next discussion.


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